Dragon? I see no stinkin’ dragon!


“Ummm, Agent Lurren. There is a dragon behind us.” Thrynn warned the official bandit hunter of Skyrim, at least in Lurren’s mind.

Agent Lurren rolled her eyes at another tall tale from him. “Nonsense, dragons haven’t come back. Rumors and you are only feeding the mill.  Wait, did you hear something?”


“Oh, I don’t know. Guess I didn’t hear anything after all. Dragon must have ran off.” Thrynn was sure one day he will need to kill her.

“That wasn’t a dragon, you idiot! I know that was a bandit moving in the distance.” Only OBIS bandit hunters have this gift in pristine hearing, at least in Lurren’s mind.


“Then I suppose that thing in front of us is a bandit lord?”


“It’s just a bounty bandit in dragon form! Let’s kill it!” Agent Lurren’s bow was being readied as she looked over her shoulder at the running Thrynn.

“I’m NOT sticking around to fight a dragon!” Was the reply as he ran the opposite direction.

“MILK DRINKER! I’ll fight this bandit alone and WIN!” She shouted back at him then turned to face her foe.