When It Rains, It Pours


We apologize for the lack of our presence here at Mod Maidens. The recovery period for our webmaster has take longer than expected. Duskrain underwent two surgeries within three months and the last one was more difficult making it harder on her body to recuperate. After getting the stitches out she was given another six weeks of limited activities. When you don’t feel good sitting at a computer can be hard and her health is important to us. I, Nightember Moondancer, tried to fill in but also got sick with the flu that took forever to get rid of. Real life has definitely affected our Skyrim world. Duskrain sees her doctor in two weeks so hopefully she will be given the green light to carry on with Skyrim….or at least life without any restrictions since she doesn’t know if he plays Skyrim.

Nightember Moondancer