Whispering Waters – Special Edition


We featured this mod, Whispering Waters, before because it’s absolutely gorgeous and beautifully crafted by Sheadi. What a wonderful surprise to find it available for the Special Edition version. The location is perfect for players who are coming out of Helgen since it is situated across the water from the Guardian Stones. When you walk into the house you immediately feel at home with its nicely laid out arrangement. It comes with a horse named Spirit, barnyard animals, beehive, crafting equipment and so much more. Go take a look at this amazing house, we are sure you will fall in love with it.

If you merge mods together, this one works well merging without issues. We highly recommend this home and it’s one mod that is permanently in our games. Dawnguard and HearthFire are required. The featured screenshot is by Mod Maidens and all others are by Sheadi.

Whispering Waters – Special Edition
by Sheadi