How to Recognize a Bad Load Order


How to Recognize a Bad Load Order

Presented by OBIS Agent Lurren Genadyrose and Thrynn.

Recognizing a bad load order is important and early in the game is best. You don’t want to find the headless horseman zipping along the treetops at level 56 or so….that would be bad. Here is an example of what you might find that might point to a bad load order.

Lurren:  OK.  I need you to follow me.
Thrynn:  Negative
Lurren:  No?
Thrynn:  Usually means that.
Lurren:  I know but you don’t understand.
Thrynn:  I understand.
Lurren:  So you will not follow me?
Thrynn:  Doubtful.
Lurren:  Well could you, please, just sign in my journal that you were asked but refused?
Thrynn:  Negative.
Lurren:  It’s just for record purposes, Indigoblade is a stricter for things like that.
Thrynn:  Not my problem.
Lurren:  Could you just jot your name down in my journal next to my entry that you refused to follow and make a statement to the fact of the fact that you would not sign or follow?
Thrynn:  I don’t think so.
Lurren:  Is this mod working correctly?
Thrynn: The fact we are standing in the air above some temple with an angry orb dancing in our faces demanding Whiterun be placed into some slot to open the gates at the College of Winterhold is a good sign something is wrong so perhaps..
Lurren:  I should go check the load order…
Thrynn:  Good idea…