Sun Glare Disabler

Leave it to MannyGT to bring a solution for those sun glares for players using ENB or those vampires who don’t like the sun. This file contains no .ESP and has textures only. You won’t see the sunlight and feel blinded by it with this mod. There is a conflict with Climates of Tamriel due to the change that mod makes on where the file is located. Zamzii, the player who discovered this conflict suggests to make this folder path for those who use Climates of Tamriel and Sun Glare Disabler. Give a kudos to Zamzii for posting the solution should you use both of these mods.

Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data/textures/sky/climatesoftamriel/<insert sunglare here>

Sunglare disabler
by MannyGT


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