SkyComplete is one very handy mod for those who prefer to complete everything the game has to offer or for simply keeping track of what you have done and not done.  It’s probably a must have for at least one game of Skyrim to ensure you do get quests completed, find all the locations, read all the books, etc. This does require both SKSE and SkyUI but it’s well worth it. Some sections you need to check off manually but most of it will be done automatically upon completing the task or quest. The author offers two versions of the mod, one is the vanilla Skyrim and the other is for the Legendary edition.

Under the Option files are several more versions to choose from:


SkyComplete – Automatically Track Quests – Locations – Books
by kefka95


Featured screenshots by kefka95

Please note that Wyrmstooth is no longer available through Nexus or Steam. You will need to search the internet for it. Other languages of this mod are still available through Nexus but not the English version.