Improved Adoptions

Boy, can we all not relate to this mod! While the marriage and adoption features in the game are unique, they do lack the bedazzle you would expect. The kids can be quite annoying especially when you come home and are hit immediately by them wanting to know what you brought them. One author felt our pain and decided to take up the task to improve the relationships with the children. This includes interaction with the spouses and housecarls to make it feel more like a family instead of strangers living under the same roof. Really have to love the “Hush, child” spell available to keep them quiet and be less rowdy. If you want a more robust family life including traveling with them at your side then look no further than this mod. It does require HeathFires. This mod made the Hot Files in August 2016 on Nexus.

Improved Adoptions
by soupdragon



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