Lanterns of Skyrim – All In One

Ah yes, sweet MannyGT who makes a variety of mods that are practical, useful and fun. When we first added this mod into our game there was no doubt it would remain permanently.  Often times while trekking through the harsh lands it was a welcome sight to spot one of these lanterns shining brightly at night. The version we use is the MCM that  requires SkyUI and SKSE so if you don’t use these utilities then pick the non-MCM version instead. In the MCM settings under the option of Checking Every – # seconds, some mods recommend this be changed to 180 seconds to avoid conflicts of scripts. The lanterns can be found on the main roads, villages, towns and  settlements. Keep in mind that other mods may conflict with the lanterns depending upon changes to the landscape.

Lanterns of Skyrim – All In One
by MannyGT