Celebrities Preset Pact

With so many mods to choose from and new ones appearing everyday it is very easy to miss some that got released. With today’s spin of the random wheel on Nexus, we came across this mod. Presets are very popular with the players with many wishing the preset characters could be made into a followers. This one is a bit unique since the author created four presets based upon celebrities that are well known. This author has created many celebrity mods so if these don’t catch your eye then check out their other mods listed on the Nexus description page. If you want your characters to look like the author’s screenshots then be sure to download the required mods listed on the page. All featured screenshots are by Daxoss.

Celebrities Preset Pact
by Daxoss

Mila Kunis75287-17-1461776194.jpg

Téa Léoni75287-16-1461776194.jpg

Eva Mendez75287-6-1461776199.jpg

Keira Knightley