Ralof – Marriageable Follower

Who hasn’t tried mods from Ilhe and not fallen in love them! This is also the author who shared the information on how to recruit Thrynn including marrying him. Now for those Stormcloak followers who fell in love with that adorable Nord in the cart wagon at the start of the game, Ilhe has made sure you can snag Ralof for your very own. It’s another mod that is currently part of the game that one maiden is playing since she likes a variety of possible spouses to choose from. How can we argue with that? This mod is compatible with HearthFires but does not require it. You must have won the civil war for the Sons of Skyrim and be wearing the Amulet of Mara before speaking to Ralof for this mod to work.

Marriable Follower Ralof
by Ilhe


Look at my Amulet of Mara screenshot by Ilhe