Don’t Push Me While I’m Talking

Another newly released mod on Nexus that needs to be highlighted. This happened very recently during a conversation with Gorr at the inn in Riverwood. Hod wanted to sit at the same table where we were talking so he pushed our character out of the way causing a wide gap between Gorr and the conversation text box. It’s very annoying when it happens especially when you are pushed so far away it can break the conversation. When it’s a chatty NPC starting that conversation over isn’t always fun. It’s a common complaint among players that this even happens so we are thankful that someone decided to create this simple SKSE plugin to help stop it. This is also compatible with Enderal. This does require SKSE to be installed.

Don’t Push Me While I’m Talking
by Utopium


Mikael in The Bannered Mare screenshot by Utopium