Alternate Start – Live Another Life

Who hasn’t played Skyrim and dreaded that cart ride, General Tullis’s speech, the race through Helgen with a dragon on the loose? It only takes restarting Skyrim a few times before one runs screaming out of the room. There are other solutions! One of the more popular mods is Arthmoor’s – Alternate Start – Live Another Life that gives the player many options to start a new game without dealing with the Helgen start. You simply go to Helgen when you are ready to trigger the dragon and start that quest line.  One of our favorite options is being attacked and left for dead. The player really does start out with nothing with this choice and your spawn locations can vary. Depending on where you start getting around Skyrim to collect supplies, gear, weapons, etc. becomes more challenging. If you are looking for a way to save your sanity and pick a new life to live when starting a new game in Skyrim then look no further than this mod.

Alternate Start – Live Another Life
by Arthmoor


Featured screenshots by Arthmoor