Pocket Workstation

We wanted to highlight three mods that are valuable for travelers who tend to avoid the cities and villages. These mods make life so much easier because you can perform functions anywhere and anytime. The bad thing about two of these mods is they are put up and taken down so many times that it can cause your head to spin. We learned long ago to keep them safe once they were downloaded because it happened again. Players can only hope the author will add them again, if only for a brief time so others can enjoy them as much as us.

Pocket Workstation is a ring that you can either steal off of the counter at the Riverwood Trader or buy it directly from Lucan Valerius. You can hot key it for easy access to perform Alchemy, Cooking, Enchanting, Forge Items, Improve Armor/Weapon, Smelting and Tanning.  It does not support wood chopping but you can easily get the wood supplies from the third mod we are featuring called, “Goonie” or by chopping your own at a wood chopper.

Pocket Workstation
Crimson Blade


It was Nexus ID #61591 and the file is not found when you enter this number while browsing Nexus.

We checked Steam but found it was not available there either.

This is a very handy mod and we hope the author, Crimson Blade, understands his hard work is appreciated not only by the Mod Maidens but other players who were fortunate enough to download it. Tuck this away for future use should the author decide to re-post it.

 The three featured mods are:

Pocket Workstation
Pocket Chest
Instant Merchant – Goonie

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