Pocket Chest

The second mod in our featured series is another by Crimson Blade that has once again magically disappeared from Nexus and Steam. It is very handy to have since you can stop anywhere in Skyrim, open the chest then transfer items into it then keep going. Certain types of characters aren’t always welcomed in the towns making the need for certain mods very important.

Pocket Chest works as a lesser power. You can either steal the spell tome from a table in Farengar Secret-Fire’s room located in Dragonsreach inside Whiterun or purchase the tome directly from him.


Pocket Chest
Crimson Blade


It was Nexus ID #63385 and the file is not found when you enter this number while browsing Nexus.

We checked Steam but found it was not available there either.

This is a very handy mod and we hope the author, Crimson Blade, understands his hard work is appreciated, not only by the Mod Maidens but other players who were fortunate enough to download it.

The three featured mods are:

Pocket Workstation
Pocket Chest
Instant Merchant – Goonie


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