Instant Merchant – Goonie

If you are looking for the vendor to sell your goods whether stolen or not, this is the one to summon. Goonie carries 20,000 gold, sells different items plus never blink an eye when you pawn off stolen items. She stands outside of The Drunken Huntsman inside Whiterun ready to strike a deal with you upon arriving to the city. When you first start a new game, you are given the option to accept her ring for summoning her or you can wait until Whiterun. On the workbench at Warmaiden’s where Adrianne Avenicci works is Goonie’s ring that is free for the taking. The ring can also be hot-keyed for quick and easy summoning.


She will offer a variety of wares including selling items found in other mods. When you include Goonie, Pocket Workstation and Pocket Chest together in your order load, traveling Skyrim becomes so much easier. Since Pocket Workstation does not include wood chopping, Goonie will sell chopped firewood to make up for that void. All three of these mods together allow the player to do more without needing to venture into towns.

Instant Merchant – Goonie


The three featured mods are:

Pocket Workstation
Pocket Chest
Instant Merchant – Goonie

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