Painting in Skyrim

This is an older mod that has been out for since 2012 and older mods tend to get buried in the mountain of mods available. It’s one that is quite interesting and offers something different for the players. It does require a base mod called Buyable Paintings and Pictures – Place Anywhere by Iceburg. Be sure that you have both mods in your game load to enjoy the features Iceburg and Blargargy added in Painting in Skyrim.


Featured screenshots by Iceburg

For any artist, whether professional or aspiring, these two mods might be a must for you. Adora was thrilled when these shops were opened so you might be able to find some her paintings for sale!

The required mod:

Buyable Paintings and Pictures – Place Anywhere

Add-on mod:

Painting in Skyrim
Iceburg and Blargargy