Leave it to us to take a summer break and miss this exciting new game called Enderal.  Thanks to a fellow gamer who gently pointed us toward this new release. It is our pleasure to highlight another amazing game that runs independently from Skyrim. How you can argue with that?


Featured screenshots by SureAI

This is a direct quote from SureAI found on Nexus:

Enderal is a Total Conversion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – that is, a new game based on Skyrim’s core architecture, game-play, engine, and assets. It has been in the making for 4 1/2 years, with over 30 000 hours of work, on a completely non-commercial basis. It runs independently from Skyrim and provides a completely new game-experience with a new land with its own lore and different biomes, deeply overhauled game-play and a professionally voiced story-line with a dark and mature narrative. Depending on your play-style, Enderal has between 30-120 hours of playing time.

There are currently two versions available – English and German

Enderal – English Version (Fully dubbed)

Enderal – Preload (German)

It is a very large download (+8 gigs) so plan accordingly for downloading. Nexus exploded with multiple mods for this game so while you are downloading the core game, browse until your heart is content at what mods were created to work with Enderal.