To Fast Travel or Not To Fast Travel

Fast Travel has its uses but when it is used on a regular basis the player misses out so much. There are hidden treasures throughout the land that the player won’t see unless you are wandering around on foot. Some spots will require picking locks so be sure to stock up with picks. One only needs to heed the words of Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone to understand her hidden meaning.

“Tamriel is full of wisdom and magic, if one is willing to look for it.  Few have their eyes open.”




These are just a very few of what you can find. So don’t be afraid to venture out into the tundra, plains or the snow covered areas. Treasures await to be discovered!

Two mods shown are Unread Books Glow and Golden Egg Treasure Hunt.

The books will glow different colors depending upon their type, making it easier to spot those you still need to read. It’s extremely helpful when in a place where a lot of books can be found. When you are hunting dragons, time is critical and no need to be opening the same book multiple times.

The eggs are scattered around Skyrim, some in places you wouldn’t expect and each egg holds special magical properties. There is one golden egg hidden somewhere and you feel like you hit the jackpot upon discovering it.

Both mods are very well done and the eggs have a pop-up window that appears when you pick it up. Be sure to give these authors your appreciate by endorsing them.