The Return

She had returned to Skyrim before anyone even knew she had left. Not even her employer Indigoblade was aware. All her reports were written in double-talk filled with nonsense. Tales spun with flare riddled with complaints. But she had to leave Skyrim.

He had to go home and only she could do it. She spent days moving his body from the Rift then to Valenwood. That was where he wanted to be when forever came for him. He was waiting for her to arrive so they could investigate the rumor of a bandit lord beyond some portal.


Except it was some pumped-up Imperial soldiers who had just destroyed three Stormcloaks who found him first.

0809He was sleeping by a campfire when one of their arrows slammed into his arm. It was sheer determination and anger that made he charge them all. A born warrior Nylus had managed to slay them all but suffered wounds that were mortal.

She found him clinging to life and wearing that same smile he always greeted her with. Later that night he died in her arms. It was a loss she would always feel deeply.

But she came back to Skyrim because she still had a job to do. Bandits were running wild with more clans appearing each day. Someone was running the show and she had to found him or her.


Another reason she wanted to return was to get him. She missed him terribly but the news was even more terrible. Upon arriving at the border and stepping foot on the soil of Skyrim, he was there.


“I’ve been looking for you.” The dirty courier announced while extracting a bundle of messages for her. “I have lots of letters for you. Not sure who they are all from so I’ll just put them here and be on my way.” He tossed the pile onto the ground at her feet.

They were all hunting for her. Letters from Indigoblade screaming about invasions, diseases spreading and not one bandit lord dead. Those were tossed aside.

Several demands from Jarl Balgruuf the Greater to come to Dragonsreach immediately. Those were tossed aside.

But the one from Brynjolf was different.


I’ll make this short, lass. The guild needs your help. I have spoken to Mercer Frey and we are willing to work with you. I’m meeting with Olfrid Battle-Born in Whiterun to discuss some business. Please meet me there at the Bannered Mare. Brynjolf”

That message was tossed away, too.

Delvin Mallory managed to sneak one in and it was one message she didn’t care to receive.

Greetings, Agent Lurren,

I don’t know what happened between you and Thrynn and I don’t want to know either.  But I’ll be a pickled skeever if that old goat didn’t go get himself married.


Anyway, word is Brynjolf is looking for you.

By the way, I got plenty of jobs available just ripe for the pickings, if you ever need some extra coins in your pockets. Sure would help me and the guild if you did stop by to talk about some jobs.

Thrynn moved out with his bride to some place by Riverwood.  He rarely stops by unless a specific job needs him so chances of seeing him here are pretty slim.

Well, I suppose I’ll see you if I do otherwise chin up, old girl. Do consider some jobs for me, I promise it will be worth your while.

Delvin Mallory

Thrynn getting married stunned her. The message was wadded up then flung across the dense forest just outside of Falkreath. Before she went anywhere, she was going to Riverwood.


The first time I ever saw her was when she sat on a bench under our gazebo.


Thrynn was gone to Riften, a trip I wasn’t pleased about but apparently it was necessary. He promised to return after speaking with Delvin Mallory about some message he sent. I approached the woman cautiously, she was staring down at the ground and didn’t move as I neared her. “Can I help you?”

“No.” Her reply was curt and short.

“Oh. I don’t get many strangers here so was surprised  to see someone.” I began to twist my hands together nervously. Her presence was unnerving, how I wished Thrynn was home.


“It’s Skyrim, strange things are to be expected.” The woman announced as she stood up.  She was quite beautiful even in the side profile of her face.

I chuckled softly, “Indeed. Now with rumors of dragons about, couldn’t get any crazier than that.” I realized my manners were not very friendly and offered her food and drink.

“No thank you.” She was lifting up a backpack and slipping her arms into it. “You live here alone?”

That question alarmed me making my defenses rise quickly. “No. My husband lives here, too. He’s in town but will be home shortly.”

The woman stared out over the water, “That’s good. Not always safe living in the woods like this.”


“Only get one or two bandits now and then. My husband makes sure they don’t come again.” I winked but the woman didn’t see it.  She was still looking across the water making me curious to what was so interesting.

The woman turned to look at me for the first time sending ice through my blood. Her eyes were of greenish-blue shining with clarity and knowledge. You never felt it until she looked at you. “Bandits are cowards. Don’t waste your time chasing them all down.”

I smiled weakly, “Thankfully there are bandit hunters around to do that job.”


“How fortunate for you that others risk their lives to make Skyrim safe.” She had started to walk past me when I placed my hand on her arm.

“I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just I’m not a bandit hunter so I’m grateful for those who are.” I immediately yanked my hand back when she scowled at it resting upon her arm.

“So what is it that you do then?”

I froze. How do you tell someone you are a criminal locked up in some cell? It has been several years now since I arrived here. Each passing day erased a bit of my old memories but at the heart of it all, I am still a killer. By the court. Not by the truth. But here in Skyrim, I can kill without worry of arrest. Can’t arrest me for something I am already in prison for. Just a matter of time until all memories of my conviction is gone. I’m a part of Skyrim now, it’s my cell and I’m surviving nicely.

“I tend to the house, hunt with my husband and care for the animals. Not exciting like adventuring or dungeon crawling but I’m happy with my husband and our life. What do you do?”

She looked sideways at me. “I’m a bandit hunter.” The woman walked off toward the water without another word.


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