Interesting NPCs

Tired of the same old quests each time you play Skyrim? Look for something new and interesting? How about this mod?

Interesting NPCs
by Kris Takahashi

This adds many, many new NPCS throughout Skyrim along with quests that will keep you busy. Don’t expect to rush through the conversations with these NPCs, they have plenty to say. They are found all around Skyrim and in places where no one normally is, like the Abandoned Shack and the burning cottage in the Rift. The voice acting in this mod is top-notched making you want to spend time talking with these NPCs.

Lots of hard work and hours of devotion went into this mod that shines through when you add it to your Skyrim. One maiden was smitten with Griffith who will trigger a quest line after speaking with Morrigan and him.

Highly recommended mod that will only enhance your adventures within the land called Skyrim.




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