Jacob Gustafsson

We don’t normally look into mods for followers that do not have screenshots showing the NPC.  There are mods that certainly don’t have screenshots due to the type of mod it is but honestly, follower mods should always include them.

However, we looked into two follower mods that did not include images of the NPC. We don’t consider a photo of the real person acceptable but perhaps there is some joke among their family and friends as to why that was uploaded for the image but still….


Anyway, this is what we found at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.


What is worse, not one comment from any of the patrons about his clothing missing. But let the player go naked and Skyrim explodes….not fair.

If you like naked Dummers then perhaps, this mod is for you. If you like to play dress up with your followers then perhaps, this mod is for you. If you are wild and crazy like the Mod Maidens then perhaps, this mod is for you to load into your Skyrim, take a look at then take off screaming.

Jacob GUstafsson the follower
by Maltania

And then we have Fred….