Fred Follower

Hello Fred, how’s Ethel?

Meet the follower listed on Nexus with the only one line of description reading: I would leave this blank, but I have to add this in.’


Well, we are certainly grateful for the time spent giving everyone such a thorough and in-depth description about this marvelous follower. You were, at least, honest so credit is given for that.

However…seriously? Anyway, we loaded up this mod for a quick peek at the follower and he’s definitely not a Stormcloak. The follower’s name alone is all wrong. Not that we have anything against Freds, we love the Flintstones but it really doesn’t fit in Tamriel’s world.


He is also located in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun but surprisingly he moves around, whereas Jacob stands proudly at the doorway in all his splendor.

Fred Follower
by urmuma