Special Thanks for Thrynn

Ah yes, Thrynn. Every time you hear him sing “I’ll have your head!”, you want to join in with him to finish the song.

“I’ll have your head,
I’ll have your nose,
I’ll have your toes
Strung across my bow!”


He’s quite the character indeed and much credit to one author who continues to support her mods and answers questions even when asked something not pertaining to the mod offered. Among the posts was a tiny little gem that gave the information one maiden had been searching for.

How to make Thrynn as a follower and marriageable.  Notice we didn’t say manageable.


Thank you, Ilhe
Friendly Brynjolf

We found the information for Thrynn to live up to his offer, ‘If we ever needed anything to let him know,’ under the Friendly Brynjolf mod.  Another mod that is a must have for added fun and adventuring for fans of this thief, who we believe led more females into the life of crime than anyone else we know. After all, Brynjolf is the best. Seems just about every NPC in Skyrim is a favorite of someone’s and Thrynn is ours.

But the warpaint ruined his look so it had to go.


Thus transforming Thrynn from this:0416

To this:2133 PIC.jpg

Thank you, Themendios
NPC Warpaint Remover

Much to our surprise Thrynn looked much younger with different color of hair color but he was still the same personality wise.  With that came the idea and the heart of our story, Skyrim and the Bandit Hunt. Thrynn is the only NPC who claims to be a former bandit and clearly Skyrim has a bandit problem. One only needs to look over to the master who unleashed chaos and madness with his wild bandits.

Kolki the Madman

Thank you, Indigoblade
OBIS-Organized Bandits in Skyrim

Which brings us back to Thrynn’s singing ability.


The very first time OBIS Agent Lurren Genadyrose used MFVM and had recruited Thrynn, the first words he said was, “Suddenly I don’t feel like fighting.” She stopped cold in her tracks and looked back at him because she didn’t know he even said that. Not something you want to hear from a heavy-hitting ex-bandit who is now your follower and sworn to be your burden. He’s full of surprises.

Thank you, Mysticentity
MFVM – More Follower Voices Mod Plus Khajiit Marriage

Between these four authors we were able to bring Thrynn alive without changing his grumpy personality. Now, that’s power!


Thank you so much.