Bandit Tent in Whiterun Hold

Two things about this mod we love. One, it’s a campsite outside of Whiterun and two, it’s a bandit tent. That’s a perfect combination in our book. The location of the campsite is close to the spot where we pitch tents as well. With the vampires at night attacking cities, some times it is just best to camp for the night to save a few lives within the city walls. We love camping mods since you don’t really spend much time in the cities or villages so having ready-made camps are blessings from the divines.

This tent is geared toward characters who like to play as a bandit. Just let us know which bandit you are and OBIS Agent Lurren Genadyrose will be right over! Practical and useful mod to have that fits right in with Skyrim.

Bandit Tent in Whiterun Hold
by Deandra


Featured screenshots by Deandra