Scrolls Abound!

There is nothing more exciting than meeting another fan/writer of Skyrim and RPG stories. And no better way to announce their new website than by this beautiful artwork by Folkenstal called The Elder Scroll Replica – Panorama Picture from Deviantart.


Artwork by Folkenstal

Scrolls Abound! created by Kljindra Star-Sworn is a new twist on story telling. You can expect a message by courier informing you about the new shop looking for writers.

But what is this new twist we speak of? You write about one character until death do you part. The story ends when the character dies so it makes the challenge a bit more harder and interesting. Once the current character is gone, you create a new one to begin writing about their new adventures. With the use of alternate start mods the ideas are endless for backgrounds and plot lines. This is perfect for using Mod Organizer with for its ability to keep your saved games separate in different profiles.

We understand how difficult killing off characters in stories can be. You breath life into them, give them personalities, history, habits, even mannerisms so cutting off their life line is hard to do. These stories are based on game characters that you create, play and try to keep alive as you tell about their adventures in a weekly journal.

As Vilja would say, “This is quite fun.”

Go check out Scrolls Abound! and join the fun with Kljindra Star-Sworn.  Featured image is by Kljindra Star-Sworn.

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  1. It’s so exciting to have you as contributes, Mod Maidens! Your stories are so engaging to read, it’s been a blast 😊. Thank you for the awesome review, I appreciate it so much! It really is so fun to meet other like-minded people with the same passion for character creation. Can’t wait to see what happens to Dar’kasadarg on his adventures!


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