Sherzie’s Kitchens and Greenhouses

Sherzie does amazing work when creating and designing mods. They ranged from town overhauls, tavern remodeling and homes but many of these mods by this author that are no longer available. The HearthFires home mods available give you the options to replace two areas in the three homes with a kitchen and extra greenhouse.


Thrynn is not included in the mod but did agree in his grumpy style to pose in the Lakeview Manor Greenhouse. Lots of planters to fill your house to grow ingredients for alchemy or food. Many empty jars that are labeled provide extra storage to keep things organized and easy to find.


This room is the back area of Heljarchen Hall that is normally wasted space once you have built the home without any modifications from mods. Using the kitchen mod you have a well laid out design with lots of storage space labeled for better organization. One difference in the two pictures is the floor.

The greenhouse is to replace the trophy room but we found in Lakeview and Windstad Manors that the storage room works as well if you want the patio area. It does not work for Heljarchen Hall so use the trophy room.