Stros M’Kai Scimitars

He had just finished dinner and was walking past the weapon case when he stopped. Pulling the key out of the bowl nearby he opened the case. His mind swam with images and memories of her on the day she spotted the weapon. This Stros M’Kai Scimitar was hanging on the wall in Solitude’s general goods store, Bits ‘N Pieces.


She bought it for him, cost didn’t matter and smiled while presenting it to him. “Something for you.”

“Thrynn, darling? You coming to bed?” Shali stood at the bedroom door ready for some sleep. It had been a busy day around the house and she had worked in the garden under a warm sun. Whispering Waters was the perfect home where she had hopes to fill it with children. By next spring she planned to be pregnant and just knew their son would be handsome or daughter beautiful.


“In a minute.” Thrynn replied as he ran one finger down the blade. He missed her terribly, even after two years she walked in his thoughts daily weighing down his already heavy heart. He married Shali six months ago and woke up the next morning regretting it. She was a good woman, took care of him and loving in bed but his heart didn’t love her.  Too many drinking games, too many bets and he found himself at the altar in Riften nursing a hangover while saying “I do”.  Vilja tried to warn him, even protested at the wedding that love couldn’t be found in an amulet. It did no good.

Nowadays he just accepted seeing her again as something that wasn’t going to happen and besides she never thought about him anyway. He was sure of that. Each time he heard about another victory in reducing the bandit clans he knew it was her doing. He never had her heart, barely her friendship and she had it all from him. ‘Foolish old man smitten by some bandit slayer!’  Thrynn thought silently as he closed the lid and locked it. ‘Once was a woman..’  He hummed softly as he headed toward the bedroom.


She was exhausted from running a letter for Aeri to Jarl Skald in Dawnstar then slaying a giant that had been pestering the town and she was begged to destroy it. Giants are a common problem in the Pale and they put up a good fight. Dodging those swinging clubs is tricky and she tripped over a fallen tree during the fight. Quick thinking on her part when she rolled to the side and barely missed the thunderous slam as the giant landed his club next to her. Now her leg ached with each step and dried blood caked where it ran down the shin. Nice warm bath and a good meal is what she needed.

Heljarchen Hall was her workshop with all the crafting needs built into the extensions of the house. She loved it there because everyone else hated it and the view was beautiful. Always helpful when you can see enemies tracking you and she seemed to have plenty of those. Tamriel is full of magic, which is worthless but the treasures and gold to be found is by the barrels full. She enjoyed displaying full armor sets, variety of weapons and treasures within this home collected from her travels.

Tonight one blade seemed to glow brightly as she walked past causing her to stop and look at it. The Stros M’Kai Scimitar hung from the weapon rack quietly. She ran one hand through her hair, held it there and closed her eyes. He was with her in the store when they spotted the two swords displayed together on a shield rack. They didn’t buy the dented iron shield but the swords were swiftly pulled down and wrapped up. Thrynn took one and she took the other. Now they are apart and she still had the stupid sword. She figured he had tossed his away or gave to his son since she knew he was now married. Maybe she’ll use her sword on his wife. No matter, one of these days she will replace the sword with something else.


She opened her eyes and moved her hand to the sword, touching it lightly.  If she could only see him again.

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