Memories of a Riften Wedding

“Back already with courier, Winston? Honestly, you are faster than my penmanship!” Indigoblade had been mulling over how to inform his best agent to come speak with him on an important matter. Some things and some people within his organization require special handling, especially one person.

“I did find him but he was coming to see us anyway.” Winston put the box on Indigoblade’s desk.

“No wonder the Skyrim guards know everything! Couriers know when something is about to happen and inform them.” Indigoblade was opening the box while explaining the courier service to his butler. “All couriers are Master Neloth trained. Always say the same thing each time about looking for the recipient, regardless of how hard you looked for them.  Be jovial when getting the customer the message, never know they might spare a few coins to you for bringing them the message. Most importantly, beat it quickly before they have a chance to read the message and demand a response be sent. That’s why I rarely get status reports from field agents because the couriers are too fast. It should be reported. Overall though it’s a an excellent training course.”

“Perhaps you should send someone there for training then assign them strictly as your Status Report Receiver. That way they can travel around Skyrim collecting those reports for you.” Winston rolled his eyes at another tall tale by his employer who had his back to Winston.

“Request a new maiden from Moddy. She probably has dozen of maidens lined up wanting to work for me.” Indigoblade narrowed one eye at the package inside the box. “What’s this?”

Winston headed for the door, “The Warriors of the Square Table, sir. Seems they tried to unite one bandit hunter with one ex-bandit into holy matrimony. Mutiny, I suspect. If I didn’t know better, sir, I would say they were starting their own organization.” He stopped just before leaving the room. “I’ll be down the hall penning a letter to Lady Moddy Mayden to requisite more agents.”

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