Blue, Blue, My World is Blue

“Sir, as it was yesterday, one month ago, two years back and one decade, we have another compliant.” Winston lightly tapped the message against his white gloved hand. “Whiterun, sir. Things are turning blue.”

Idled threats again?” Indigoblade was polishing his favorite weapon, a rusty iron dagger.

“Not this time, sir.” He held up one painting and pointed at the citizens gazing at the strange blue mist. “It’s not static mist. Tony, Forzane and Jebbalon all confirmed this.”

“First the blue torches, blue mask, blue cloaks, blue sky, blue weapons and now blue mist. I think something is out of order, Winston. Have you checked the load?”


“That, IB.” Winston replied as he handed another complaint to Indigoblade. “Vilja also complained about the color as well. She took the liberty of obtaining a witness to attest to this. If you wish to speak to them involving this matter.”

“ I’m quite sure this is caused by the cave itself. That Kynareth is always playing tricks with the weather. Clearly that is just blue splash from the waterfalls.” Indigoblade tossed the painting aside hoping Vilja and Anesia come for a visit personally to discuss the matter in private, at night, over dinner flowing with wine and tabletop dancing..


“Naturally, sir. The lovely Kynareth has been working overtime.” Winston tossed the last painting onto Indigoblade’s desk. “Inside and outside of the cave.”


“Winston…see if you can locate Agent Lurren in Skyrim and ask for her to come see me?”

Winston stood still with his hands clasped behind his back.

Indigoblade narrowed his eyes, “Fine! I’ll send her the message myself. Could you get me a courier, please?”

Winston smiled while turning for the door, “Of course. I’ll notify the others of her pending arrival. Some, as well as I, may wish to take some time off during that time.”