Fighting the Blues

MaidenBandit1 blue.jpgWinston handled the message from one of Indigoblade’s undercover bandits to him. “From the maidens, sir.”

“Excellent! Always good to hear from those ladies.” Indigoblade shook his unopened bottle of spiced wine at Winston. “Did they send me paintings of them in the outfits I sent?”

“That is one I suspect we will be waiting on.” Winston dryly replied.

“Pity. Here’s to hoping!” Indigoblade uncorked the wine bottle and filled a goblet with the wine. “So what can I do for this maiden? What does her heart desire?”

“She doesn’t like the blue streak coming from her weapon.”

Indigoblade frowned, “Forzane up to his old tricks again? I told him to stick with candles and torches, not add color to weapons!”

Winston merely blinked, “Shall I find out what color the maiden prefers?”

“No.” Indigoblade sighed while setting aside the goblet and reaching for the bottle instead. “It’s been too long since we’ve had a good bandit raid. Let them storm Forzane’s lab and find their own colors.”

“They will need to be organized to reach Mr. Forzane’s area.”

Indigoblade smiled darkly at his butler. “My bandits always are.”