They Are Coming For Answers

“Sir, we have a problem.” Winston informed his boss.

Indigoblade looked up from his tankard of mead where he was counting the bubbles in the foam. “When don’t we?”

“It seems Agent Lurren had Vilja kidnapped and dumped in some unknown part of Skyrim. She called for Thrynn’s assistance, naturally going through Delvin Mallory’s contacts and he wasn’t too pleased about it. She demands answers for this despicable behavior on the part of your OBIS agent.”

“I see no problem with that. Answers are always good when one seeks them.” Indigoblade winked at his butler. “Just thought of that one myself. I like it. Write it down so I don’t forget it.”

Winston stood completely still and simply nodded. “Noted.”

“So my good man, what is the problem?”

“She is coming here with Thrynn, sir.” Winston calmly informed Indigoblade.

Indigoblade grabbed his calendar and tapped today’s date rapidly with one finger. “Aha! I knew it! I’m suppose to be packing for a very long vacation in Morrowind. To Oblivion with the rest of them!”

Winston watched the office door slam shut as Indigoblade raced down the hallway to start packing. He tossed the message into the fire, poured himself a glass of Black-Briar Reserve and sat down at Indigoblade’s desk. He signaled with a whistle for Singpe Ctoomild while opening one particular desk drawer.

Singpe smiled happily as she scooped up the evidence of illegal coin operations. “You can expect payment for you and Vilja soon.”

“And Thrynn?”

“All covered. The bureau sent him all the food he could eat, all wine he could drink and all the women he could bed for one night.” She snapped her coin purse shut. “That only lasted for about an hour.”