Griffith – Brother and Keeper

She knew all about Skyrim, the hostile magical land that was ever changing. She knew all about the infamous Dragonborn, the OBIS bandit hunters, inspiring bards ready to travel along side anyone who was willing to have them following and countless others.

But nobody told her about Griffith.

An unexpected meeting when she dashed inside the abandoned cabin that the mill owner, Gilfre, told her to use. All her workers had left when the war broke out and it just sat empty nowadays.

“Probably a bit messy. Men, you know. They were good men but Nord mead and war never mix.” Gilfre said while pointing toward the cabin that sat opposite to her home. “Help yourself to anything you find.”

As she stared at the man sitting in a chair quietly looking back at her, she wondered if he was included in Gilfre’s offer. But that thought was snapped shut when a new problem arose in the form of a small child.

Now she stood outside after spending a few moments talking to them. The Amulet of Mara atop the barrel, a guardian running from assassins and protecting a child until she turned of age.  He was no guardian. The child was probably under some spell that when wore off the woman would emerge and they would live happily ever after. But she had to find out if that Amulet of Mara could be meant for the lady he meets. Perhaps the woman who frees him..

She looked back at the cabin after the courier stopped her immediately upon leaving. The message directed her to Lost Echo Cave in reference to something called Brother and Keeper.  It was clear now and her hopes of a wedding in Riften at the Temple of Lady Mara gone. Everything in the note was shattered dreams.

Still someone hunted by assassins needed help, whether known or not she would work to find a way to free them both and unite their hearts together.  She was sure it would be a broken heart for her but love belongs to everyone, even those hunted.

It was more out of curiosity and determination to see the mystery solved of who Griffith and Morrigan truly were to each other. Her heart knew this would not end well for her.

Now that strange man she found in Lost Echo Cave sent chills down her back. He killed the man without thought who was lost and so thankful to be found.  When he mentioned the lawbreaker she wondered was he tracking Griffith and the girl. She followed Raynes to Riften. Ignoring anyone who wanted to talk with her. There were more important matters to tend to. Saving two lives from this madman.

He led them to the Bee and Barb Inn only to be disappointed his prey was not there.  This time he was sure to find him at the Nightgate Inn. They must go there now he insisted but she sent him ahead alone and would meet him there later.

Now she stood staring at the empty cabin after agreeing to meet Raynes at the Inn. Warning Griffith or asking about Raynes was important. She could help but needed more details. But he was gone along with the girl. What is this game they play?

The enchanted amulet caught her eye just as she turned to leave. One finger gingerly traced the Amulet of Mara. Why did he leave this? Each moment became more critical. As the cabin door slammed shut, the amulet glowed brightly as she headed toward the inn to meet Raynes.

If lightning could strike at will she was sure it would hit her. The inn proved pointless with no lawbreaker around and she was done chasing shadows that didn’t exist. He was burned into her memory but their paths would not cross again. It was only to end the mindless hunt once and for all when she agreed to check the cellar before leaving. And leaving Raynes behind.

He raced past her upon entering the large room filled with supplies and many vats flowing with mead.  Every corner was checked as Raynes hurried down the aisle between the goods stored there. She leaned against the wall waiting for the scruffy old man to return with some new destination to take them. Where it takes him, not her. She was done with this witch hunt, might as well go check out Helgen. Rumors that a dragon hit it were all around Skyrim. Could be worthwhile to investigate.

Then Raynes found his outlaw and she found Griffith. They were one in the same. Strange. Never thought of Griffith as a lawbreaker on the run. At least not by his accounts, yet he had one thing on his side that could not be overlooked. The child. Morrigan who ran between the two men calling Griffith her Pa.


Though one cannot complain too much. After much arguing, a child to keep the calm and a woman who really had tons of other things to do she left with Griffith. But only to help him kill the man he held as a prisoner in his heart for years. Gabania.

Couldn’t miss that ship. It took up half the waterway in the dock. Massive indeed. She left all that sneaking around for everyone else, they knew she was coming for them. Head on with a maul thresher that took all her strength to lift up. Griffith shook his head at her choice of weapon.

“Might be heavy but sure is fun to use!” She replied with a lopsided grin and sweat beading down her face from the battle.

He found Gabania before she reached him. Griffith ran to the door leading to his enemy after they destroyed Bear who guarded entry to Gabania. After a conversation that proved nothing but air with wasted words between them, Gabania was dead.

Now Griffith only wanted to return to Morrigan.


Just another pipe dream burned up in the ashes found around Skyrim. She returned him to Morrigan still safe under Raynes protection but with one attempted assassination gone wrong on the floor.

Dark Brotherhood sure could use a new leader or assassins. They really aren’t the best of the best.

All ended well for everyone else except the woman who wanted more time with the mysterious man. She only saw the surface of him, there was much more to scratch about him.

She walked out of the Nightcaller Inn alone but wearing a small smile. Treasures await for the taking and she knew where one was.

Lady Mara….that amulet would be hers until she reached for it and stopped. Perhaps it was the only thing left they had of Griffith’s wife and Morrigan’s mother. They were coming back here, at least she thinks he said that. Everything went blank when she realized Griffith was far from her reach. The voices spoke but she didn’t hear them aside from bits of pieces.

He gave her some gloves. Griffith’s Daedric Gauntlets. She held them in her hands. Too bad they were heavy armor but they held his scent of sea and musk.

She lifted the Amulet of Mara up and slid the gloves beneath it. With careful adjustment she arranged the gloves to hold the amulet.

Before leaving the cabin for the last time, she looked back at the empty room then to the barrel. If he comes back here and sees the gloves that perhaps he’ll understand that if only for a brief moment love was very close at hand.

“Farewell, Griffith.” She whispered before departing.