Status Report – UFO Sightings

“Dear Indigoblade,

I’ll make this quick because we are being invaded here in Skyrim. Proof is included. Can’t go around accusing the aliens of invading without proof! Seen over Solitude near the Blue Palace are unidentified flying objects. See enclosed. Next up are these strange flying objects breaking atmosphere and causing fire when they land. See enclosed. To top it off merchants are alien to the citizens of Skyrim. They glow brightly while appearing oddly shaped. See enclosed.

Bandits are around, too. But my team and I are off to investigate these strange sightings. More later.

OBIS Agent Lurren Genadyrose”

Indigoblade handed the status report to Winston. “What’s above Solitude?”

“Hawks, sir.”

“And the fire?” Indigoblade was pouring a glass of wine.

Winston replied without needing to look at the report. “Fire wizards practicing their skills outside of the College of Winterhold.”

Indigoblade smiled brightly at his butler, “The merchants, my good man?”

“Wards, sir. Must have been a court wizard or mage from the college she was interacting with.” Winston tossed the message into the small pile of reports from Agent Lurren.

With his feet up on the desk and a full glass of wine in his hand, Indigoblade smiled happily. “Inform Agent Genadyrose that her magic tricks aren’t flying with me so perhaps she might want to get some fire going in her team and find those bandits that around.” He twirled a key ring on one finger. “Oh, and do mention to our lovely agent that Skyrim isn’t the only place that Solitude is confined to.”