The New Bandit Clan

Winston stood staring out the window while Indigoblade finished off the first bottle of Firebrand Wine in one drink then swayed back and forth in front of the latest contest nomination from his field agents. “They didn’t get my message about me winning with the new bandit name “Bottlenecks” and the contest was over?”

“They did, sir but it seems one agent feels you cheated and wants this nomination to be the winner.”

“Of course I cheated! I’m the boss and have complete say so in each and every final decision. Bottleneck Bandit Clan wins!” Indigoblade handed the message back to Winston. “Return it to Agent Lurren with the a note saying “You lost! Enough games! Let’s end this!”

“Ah.” Winston shrugged, “All right.”

Bethseda for
The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim

Ennio Morricone for
For A Few Dollars More

Emma for permission to
use Vilja’s voice clips

Indigoblade and the OBIS Team for
OBIS – Organized Bandits in Skyrim

Emma, Amgepo & Lycanthrops for
Vilja in Skyrim

gg77 for
Big Cats Mounts and Followers