Skyrim Saved by Tony

“Tony my man, this was absolutely brilliant but then again I am a genius!”  Indigoblade was delighted to hear Skyrim was saved from being burned to the ground. “I knew the moment I called you in here that the matter would be handled in a timely manner. Good work! Here…an apple for you as an reward.”  He tossed the red apple at Tony who watched it fly by completely out of his reach to catch.

“I know where to get the best water. Benefits of knowing sand and its time in the water.” Tony took a deep breath puffing out his hairy chest. “The cleaner the sand, the better the water. That’s been proven many times by me.”

Indigoblade smacked his hand down on the only corner of the desk not cluttered with empty wine bottles. “That’s why I called on you to handle this emergency.  Legends don’t burn down villages!”

“Lurren isn’t a legend.” Tony was wiggling his fingers at the apple to try and make it come to him by some magical force.

“I meant my other agents.” He was picking up the package where Tony’s report was located and began to open it. “Let me just check this to complete the task and it’s back to work for us! We still have a business to run.” Indigoblade was humming as he scanned the written report. “This looks good. You know how to put time into your reports. They serve me well. ” He pulled out the paintings and held them before his eyes. “Umm, Tony….what is this? Tony?” When he lowered the paintings to see why Tony wasn’t answering he noticed the apple and Tony were gone. “WINSTON!”

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