Thorn – Skyrim Romance


The big fellow on the left is Thorn from Skyrim Romance by Mara and one of his bodyguards. They stand outside of Falkreath and are rivals of Bishop. When you approach them and engage in conversation between Bishop and Thorn a fight will break out.

We will caution that this mod is not listed as Adult material and it contains body meshes for nude bodies. These can be safely removed from the mod if you prefer not to have a bunch of naked bodies spread out between Markarth and Riften. One other surprise you will see is the F word is used during some conversations with Bishop. None of this is mentioned in the description for the mod.

It’s a fun mod but also resource heavy especially trying to enter the Grand Ball in Solitude. Subtitles must be turned on since it is designed to be like a romance novel and read as such.

This is geared toward female players only. Sorry, lads…