Motley Crew


What a motley crew this is!  Anduniel, Vilja, the bottle thieves, a Dwemer survivor and Maurice Jondrelle outside of Honningbrew Meadery.

One complaint about Anduniel is it’s like having Barbas following you or even Maurice.  The character can become quite annoying because she is always right there in your face.  It’s a great mod with interesting characters who have seamless quests that fit in nicely with your adventures in Skyrim.  We can forgive Anduniel’s eagerness to be right in the thick of things but there are some moments…like when you are about to take shot and she pushes into you…that you want to kill her instead.  Did we just say that?

The fellow in Dwemer gear is from one of the Idled’s Followers Packs and the maiden forgot his name.  These follower packs consist of males only…OK by us!..and have 15 followers in each pack.  They are standard vanilla followers with a variety of classes to choose from to help you.  Use a multiple follower mod and load up on these guys.

Vilja and her bottle thieves.  We were very fortunate to have received permission from Emma to use Vilja’s voice clips in our stories.  This is not something Emma does lightly so we are thankful and grateful for her trust and support of us.