Ralof – Memories of a Hero

If there is one person who stands out in the beginning of Skyrim it’s Ralof, the Stormcloak prisoner you meet in the wagon. He is the one who helps you to safety when the dragon attacks. He will also aid you in escaping if you choose him over the Imperial solider, Hadvar. In our story Skyrim and the Bandit Hunt, the character passes out after following Ralof into a building and doesn’t know what happened to him after she came to. She made a silent promise to him that she would find him. This is her tribute to the one true hero of Skyrim when she returned to Helgen and the horrors of the attack flashed in her mind.

Bethesda for
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Music by Celtic Woman
You Raise Me Up

Video by
Mod Maidens