Dragging Out Bandit Mission

“Sir, the agents have formed a union called Warriors of the Square Table.” Winston carefully placed the desk. “It seems they insist upon being allowed to hunt unnamed bandit clans and formed a committee designated to achieve this goal.”

“Warriors? My agents of the shadows are now crazed axe swinging fools? That’s barbaric! I’ll have no part of it!” Indigoblade slammed his palm down on the desk then winced in pain.

“Admirable stand, sir. However the agents..beg your pardon, the warriors are no longer seeking bandits and have turned to dragon slayers.” Winston shrugged, it was business as usual within OBIS to him.

Indigoblade frowned at the crate that Winston left for him. “They didn’t accept my silence as no so I’m still holding a contest this year?”

“You are.”

“And the agents are now boycotting because I have not answered?” Indigoblade was admiring his workers who were showing up to build him a larger liquor cabinet. Only took a few bottles of mead or ale for miners to beggars to come and help their favorite drinking buddy.

“Warrior agents gone wild, sir.”

“No matter. Their scheme won’t work or interfere with my charting of bandit organizations. I know what their names are and what they are to be called!” Indigoblade lifted his glass of wine in triumph over his evil plotting agents. “I find the bandits then send the agents into the field to deal with them. Simplicity itself.”

“Especially since you fail to mention the dragons, sir.” Winston replied dryly.

Indigoblade smiled broadly, “That’s why I’m the best!”

Bethesda for
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Emma, Amgepo & Lycanthrops for
Vilja in Skyrim

Indigoblade and the OBIS Team for
OBIS – Organized Bandits in Skyrim

Noddles for
Cloaks of Skyrim

Aperture Laboratories for
Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1

Permission by Emma for use of
Vilja voiceclips

Video by
Mod Maidens