Bandits in Their Glory

When we said Bandit Glory bandits were not milk drinkers we weren’t far from the truth. At Snowpoint Beacon a very long and huge battle took place. In the daylight a quick glance of the bandits and at nightfall the Bandit Glory Sharpshooter by Terso was left standing. The bandit had slid down the slid of the mountain by the tower and this game was using Purity – Realism for added darkness. OBIS and Genesis make for a perfect combo with some sweet settings for battles like these. There were additional followers but everyone was tangled up in their clashes with bandits. This battle was filmed and undergoing editing since it was quite long in raw form. Tons of bandits kept spawning all directions keeping the group very busy.  Vilja stated happily after the victory, “This is quite fun, isn’t it?” How can we argue with that?

Indigoblade and the OBIS Team for
OBIS – Organized Bandits in Skyrim

Sands of Time Team for
Genesis – Dynamically Increased Enemy Spawns and Enhanced Loot

Emma, Amgepo & Lycanthrops for
Vilja in Skyrim

Idled for
Follower Packs I – II – III

Forzane for

Terso for
Bandits Glory Hearts and Sword

Laast for
Purity – Realism

Hothtrooper44 for
Immersive Armors

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