Alternate Start – Live Another Life

One thing we love about Skyrim is you can avoid the beginning with the cart ride and dragon attack at Helgen. That long start gets boring quickly when you start new games especially for us true Skyrim lovers. This is one spot at the border within the outskirts of Riften that you might start at if you pick one option from Alternate Start – Live Another Life by Arthmoor. Luckily for this new lovely uncover OBIS maiden agent who was hot on the trail of Thrynn, she was dumped here after selecting the ‘I was attacked and left for dead’ option. It’s one of our favorites in the options because you truly start from scratch without anything. Depending upon your game load and settings, this can be quite challenging.

We will caution anyone who uses HearthFires home mods affecting the main layout that selecting ‘owning a home’ involving these homes can cause issues. Shezrie’s kitchen mods are a prime example because under Arthmoor’s mod this part of the house is built, if you pick to own a HearthFires home. Just be careful about conflicts and you can always disable the items in the console then load in the mod you prefer to use. This only affects the main entry and the second floor. The three adjoining rooms are not built so mods affecting these rooms should be not affected by this option.