Torching Bandits for Color

Vilja: Ooh, I love Whiterun with all its pretty flowers.

Anduniel: The lavender is my favorite.

OBIS Agent Lurren: Bandits are mine.

Vilja: We should pick some flowers! Sell them at the marketplace in Whiterun!

OBIS Agent Lurren: We should kill some bandits.

Anduniel: Arcadia might buy them instead for a better price. My approval rating of her is quite high.

OBIS Agent Lurren: Bandit loot is better and I’m trying for a purple torch.

VIlja: Oh no you don’t! I still want a blue one! In fact, I want a blue horn to match my pink and purple horns. Who should I talk to about that?

OBIS Agent Lurren: Forzane.

Anduniel: I don’t know about you two but I going in! Dibs on all torches!

OBIS Agent Lurren: I’ll bury you!

Vilja: You leave her alone! And you leave those torches alone!

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