Training Demands

Winston looked worried as he scanned the latest message from the courier. “It seems we have a problem, sir.” He peered over at Indigoblade who was practicing his message tossing game into a barrel that still had its lid on. Winston frowned at the ever growing pile of wadded up messages that still needed to be read.

“Let me guess, Agent Lurren managed to kill the High King causing a civil war to break out?” Indigoblade chuckled at his own joke while privately worrying about that happening.

“Not yet, sir. It appears Agent Lurren is conducting field training with OBIS hopefuls while escorting Lady Selby to Whiterun through Bleak Falls Barrow.”

“I love that agent! Agent Lurren has a grasp of combat theory that I would never have expected from a human. Especially her.” Indigoblade shook one balled up piece of parchment at his butler.

“It seems one of the traveling maidens became nervous and fled the battle while insisting upon shouting some Bosner combat intimidation that compared the enemies to trolls. All done while in the safety of hiding.  All your field agents are now requesting training with the Greybeards in this tactical maneuver.” Winston handed Indigoblade a form with a big X followed by dotted lines indicating where he was to give his seal of approval.

“They want to shout the enemy apart apparently.” Indigoblade rubbed his chin, debating which drink he needed. “I trust Agent Lurren and her proteges are still moving forward in the dungeon to reach Whiterun safely with one of our lovely maidens.”

“No, sir.”

“I was afraid of that. Fetch me some spiced wine while I sign this.” Indigoblade sighed while wondering how his agents are so organized.

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