Going to Whiterun? No Problem!

“Winston, I’m concerned.” Indigoblade stated while admiring his new Forsworn headdress mounted on his wall.

Winston appeared unimpressed with the latest exhibit, “As we are about you, sir.”

“I requested new maidens from Lady Mayden and have heard nothing. I know they recently arrived in Skyrim.” Indigoblade looked at his butler. “Any word from Delvin Mallory?  “

“Mr. Mallory has assured me, sir, that the Mod Maidens are fine. He personally has assigned the best of the best to escort each maiden to her destination. Currently, they are protecting Lady Selby on her way to Whiterun.”

“Talk about a very boring trip that will be.” Indigoblade smiled at his handsome reflection smiling back at him in he window. “If it wasn’t for the meadery to help lift your spirits, one would simply fall face first into the dirt out of sheer boredom!”

“I know the feeling, sir.” Winston replied dryly.

Music by Quiet Riot – Bang Your Head (Mental Health)

Credit to Bethesda for Skyrim

Video by Mod Maidens