Fighters With A Storm

“Sir, this is extremely urgent as one of the Companions is missing.” Winston rushed into Indigoblade’s office holding the Wanted Poster.

“They will never find them.” Indigoblade pointed one finger at his fast approaching butler. “To be a Companion and even wishing to hunt with them, your feet need to be quick, and your eyes quicker.”

“Not for me to say. You’ll have to talk to Kodlak Whitemane up in Jorrvaskr.”

Indigoblade sighed while debating which bottle to pull out and start downing. “Who is missing?”

“Farkas.” Winston was informing his boss what the message entailed. “It seems one of your OBIS agents went to join the warriors guild but instead stole Farkas.”


Indigoblade laughed, “Lucky for the agent because most people don’t think he’s smart, those people get his fist but my agent he must like!”

“Apparently enough to elope, sir.”

“By Ysmir! He’ll pay for that!” Indigoblade jumped up outraged that one of the Companions eloped with his agent. “Get Jebbalon on this immediately! I want to know where that filthy Companion is! No one steals from me!”

Winston was writing a message to Jebbalon, “I will inform Mr. Jebbalon to be on the lookout for the angry atronach and Farkas with one of your agents.”

“Yes, yes. With so many agents working for me in Skyrim, I almost lose count of them all. Would be very rare, Winston, for the lost atronach and Farkas to be with the same agent. Very rare indeed.”

“Ah yes, very good as I will modify the message to expand beyond Agent Lurren. She can’t be everywhere without doing some fast traveling.” Winston was editing his original note then handed it to Indigoblade for approval.

“Put this down the list for Jebbalon to work on. I wouldn’t mind a visit from Aela The Huntress!” Indigoblade laughed while envisioning an intense meeting with that she-wolf. “Have him work on Shalidor’s Maze first. After all what trouble could a Companion get into with one of my agents?”