A Maze Zing

“We have a request for our assistance, sir.” Winston stood smartly before Indigoblade’s desk holding the latest message in his hands.

Indigoblade beamed as he relished in the moment of “no complaints”, “Even in the sea of reports about my OBIS agents working the field pouring in, there are always others is need of our help. Give me the details.”

Winston cleared his throat then read, “It is from Shalidor.”

“Shalidor…cow or door…shall or ignore…” Indigoblade mumbled while tapping his chin. “Shalid..ah yes, the puzzle man in Labyrinthian! He’s a tricky one!”

“Indeed, sir. Specifically this is about his maze within a section of the Labyrinthian.”

“I see. Sounds like a bandit problem to me. Get Agent Lurren on it immediately.” Indigoblade held out his hand to sign off the authorization letter to unleash Lurren into the Labyrinthian.

Winston placed the open the book into Indigoblade’s hand and pointed. “Compliments of MaGlas who personally drew the maze and wrote the title by hand.”


“Impressive. I like his style, it’s so very 12th century. He clearly paid attention to his tutors!” Indigoblade’s finger tapped the book while Winston’s eyes merely scanned the pages with the same bored look he always wore. “Send this to Agent Lurren as well, she loves those map markers.” He pushed the book back toward Winston who ignored him. “Is there a reason why I still have this book in my hand?”

“There is, sir.”

“I was afraid of that.”

“It seems Shalidor would like for you to remove your stuck OBIS agent from his maze. He claims that adventurers, tourists, hired thugs on mission, wolves,..”

“I get the idea, Winston.” Indigoblade leaned back in his chair and rubbed his forehead. “How exactly did one of my agents get stuck there?”

“According to Shalidor it all started with 4 staffs. You tend to employ non-mage types therefore your agents are not skilled in using staffs.  While things went well, at first, it was when the agent used the staffs to try and open the shutters that exhausted all the magical properties within the enchanted weapons.”

“Send the agent a message to use soul gems to refill the staffs.”

“The problem with that is no one can reach the agent because they kept going and are at a dead end. Even the trap door won’t open to allow escape. The line is so long it winds around the maze and back out to where the area where the trolls stroll and patrol. No need to highlight that part, sir.” Winston ticked one finger at his boss.

Indigoblade strummed his fingers on the desk in deep thought. “Notify Jebbalon to make a stop at the Labyrinthian and free everyone.  We know that Jebbalon has an understanding of magic that surpasses almost any of either his age or ours.”

“I’m not that old, sir.” Winston insisted.

“Jebbalon is always searching for more of Shalidor’s writings in an attempt to understand both our knowledge of the man, and of magic in general.”

“You should add your agents as well, sir.” Winston added dryly.

Indigoblade jumped and cheered, “Jebbalon to the rescue! After all he is already there investigating that angry atronach on the loose.” He handed the book back to Winston. “Send this to Jebbalon.”

“Very good, sir.” Winston took the message and book then departed.

“I wonder if that storm thrall is still around?” Indigoblade mused as he reached for a bottle of Stros M’Kai Rum. “Once was woman…who drove me to drink…” He sang before removing the cork and taking a long drink.