Realism Hits Riverwood

“I suppose you are wondering why I called you here, GhostAgent.” Indigoblade was leaning back in his chair with his feet up on the desk.

“Not at all, I always wonder about you.” GhostAgent was picking off some paint from his arm. Earlier TonyCubed tripped over a bucket of paint that splashed upon GhostAgent’s latest and greatest masterpiece he was painting of a lavender flower.

“It has come to my attention that my agents are stealing Standing Stones near Riverwood.”

GhostAgent nodded, “Riverwood’s agreeable enough, I suppose. For a Nord village.”

“They’re a small village, but they work hard, and take care of their own.” Indigoblade was pouring them both a drink. “Which is why Alvor contacted me.” He handed a painting and the drink to GhostAgent. “Shadows of the night stealing the Thief Standing Stone tend to light up the sky. For some reason they believe OBIS agents and thieves are doing this. The townsfolk notice this happening when they return home from the inn at night. Do you think you could contact Laast about more Purity and less Realism so my agents can sneak into Skyrim better?”

“Shor’s beard! That’s dark!” GhostAgent jumped up and raced to the door.  “I better get Forzane to send our agents some blue torches!” The door slammed behind him leaving Indigoblade alone in his office.

Indigoblade tilted his head at the closed door then pushed aside his glass of wine and grabbed the whole bottle instead.