New Followers Complaining

Winston placed the stack of old and new messages that Indigoblade still needed to go through upon the newly polished juniper berry desk. He briskly swept off the top with his his handkerchief then placed back into his vest pocket. “The top message may be of interest to you, sir.” One hand slowly moved over the stack of messages as if to make it magically appear. “Rare as it is Xblidled has placed a complaint against Forzane.”

Indigoblade puffed upon his tobacco pipe filled with ash grass then pointed the pipe at his butler. “Not so rare, my good butler. I complain all the time about Forzane. Hahaha….I kill myself!” Indigoblade slapped one hand on his desk then quickly checked for fingerprints.

Winston stood staring out the window with his hands clasped behind his back. “One can only hope.” He turned his eyes briefly to Indigoblade. “That Xblidled doesn’t have more than one complaint.”

“So what is this complaint?”

Winston removed the top message and snapped it open with a quick movement of his hand. “It seems the individuals employed by Xblidled are unhappy about their torches. There is a shortage of blue torches available for adventurers, sellswords, guards, or even the common citizens of Skyrim but it seems there are no shortages for your OBIS agents.”

Indigoblade sighed and reached for his bottle of Nord mead. “Agent Lurren isn’t sharing again?”

“There are three names mentioned in the message including this painting.” Winston placed the painting on the desk in front of Indigoblade. “Xblidled recognized the three followers, Kecon, Ra’ Shavidi and Lindil but the lady with them is unknown to him.”

Indigoblade tapped on the painting, “This is one of my agents? A completely dark painting and this is MY agent!?” He glared hard at Winston who stood calmly staring out the window then sighed. “Fine, fine, tell Forzane to ramp up production of these blue torches.”

“Very good, sir.” Winston picked up the message and painting then filed them along with the other ten messages that have been read and handled.

“Next thing you’ll know they will be complaining about green torches!”