Skyrim Love Maids

Your package just arrived, sir.” Winston walked into the oval office and presented the package to Indigoblade. “Alain The Great sent it.”

“Ah yes, I remember him. Good to see my order finally made it here.” Indigoblade was tearing the box open. “It’s for the Mod Maidens. I felt terrible about the second maiden’s demise and not being able to inform them first. This gift should mend any bridges burned by the mages!” He chuckled at his own joke.

“Peace offering, sir?” Winston sniffed once as he stood at attention across from his boss.

“I prefer gift, Winston.” Indigoblade was holding up a maid outfit to his side. “What do you think? Maid clothing for our lovely maidens!”


Winston’s eyes scanned the attire then looked at his boss. “No doubt Lady Moddy Mayden will be thrilled.”

“I was hoping to have Vilja or Arissa, or any woman for that matter to try them on. I’m a visuals man. Seeing something in action with my own eyes is how I learn best.” He put the outfit back into the box. “Send this to the Mod Maidens with my love. Do mention that Alain the Great made them and that I can send Aduri over for portraits of the lovely maidens wearing them.”

“It will be noted, sir.” Winston was gathering up the box. “I am sure Lady Mayden will be happy to sign the portraits for you.”

“Maybe all my female agents should wear these.” Indigoblade was leaning back on his chair with his hands clasped together behind his head daydreaming.

“Even the undercover maidens?”

“Especially those, Winston!” Indigoblade pointed one finger at him. “Can’t wait to count out the coin to buy more!”


Screenshots and mod by AlaintheGreat