Advisory Alert

Tony tossed the notice onto Indigoblade’s desk. “We have an Advisory Alert, Indigo. It’s not my problem.”

“Same here!” Forzane hollered from the doorway.

Indigoblade opened the alert and frowned. “How did this happen before I got my ticket to see the eye?”

“Thieves.” Tony was opening a bottle of Nord mead before sitting down on the wooden bench in front of the desk. “Urag gro-Shub, the librarian of The Arcanaeum at the College of Winterhold is a bit miffed about four rings being stolen from a chest in his area.”

“I don’t have them.” Indigoblade quickly pointed one finger at Tony.

Forzane was helping himself to a bottle of mead as well. “Ask Agent Lurren about them.”

Indigoblade’s eyes narrowed at Forzane. “I’m sure my top agent is not involved.”

Tony was blowing into the open bottle trying to make different sounds from it. “Apparently the thieves disrupted his Arcanaeum, and he tried to have them torn apart by angry Atronachs.” He stopped his musical performance long enough to offer that information.

“Since we were sent an alert, I assume this didn’t work?”

Jebbalon wandered into during the conversation, “It did not. One of the thieves feared the atronach forcing it out of the College then someone else charmed it and took ownership over it.” He tossed a painting upon to the table. “Urag had a sketch done up by Aduri to show which atronach is missing and the name of person who might be in control of it.”

“I thought you said atronach?” Indigoblade pulled open his desk drawer and extracted his own mead bottle. “This is a thrall! WINSTON!”